How To Avoid BedBugs When Traveling

14 Dec

12/14/10 How To Avoid Bedbugs When Traveling: 7 Travel Tips For Bedbug Phobia

  • Prepare before you leave and don’t overpack. You will need to wash everything when you return from your trip. Nothing goes back into your closet unwashed.
  • Before you accept your room remove the sheets and pillowcases and check the mattress and box spring for black stains along the piping of each. Blood dries black. If you see stains request a new room and repeat your inspection there.
  • If the bed is movable, move it away from the wall and check behind the headboard and baseboard for stains or insects.
  • If the bed is attached to the wall check the corners of the frame and headboard. Remember these insects are drawn by carbon dioxide, so check thoroughly near the headboard.
  • If you are traveling for fewer than three nights keep your clothes in your suitcase and as far away from the bed as possible, preferably near the door to your hotel room. Do not put the bag on chairs or couches. Also, do not lay out or keep clothes on the bed or other furniture in the room.
  • Bring an extra plastic bag with a drawstring for all dirty laundry (or if you’ve forgotten one most hotels have a plastic dry cleaning bag you can buy.) Place your dirty laundry in the bag and keep it closed and away from the furniture.
  • When you return, remember that bedbugs can get into your luggage — so use travel bags that can be washed after each trip. If your suitcase can’t be washed, empty and wash the clothes and store the suitcase in the attic (or as far away from the bedrooms as possible.) Never store suitcases in bedrooms. Remember bedbugs can live a long time between meals so be sure to leave the bags fallow for a while.

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