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Bed Bugs Reported At Field Trip Camp New Hampshire/Mass

23 Oct

10/13/10 Bed Bugs Reported At Field Trip Camp New Hampshire/Mass


Eighth graders at Duxbury Middle School may have brought home more than happy memories from an overnight field trip held last week in New Hampshire.

According to a phone message sent to parents Tuesday afternoon, bed bugs were found in cabins at Camp Cody in Freedom, N.H., where the entire eighth grade and teachers spent three nights as part of the Nature’s Classroom program.

On its website, the program is described as “a unique educational experience for students and their teachers, offering the very best in environmental education.”

According to Superintendent Benedict Tantillo, staff and campers were informed when they arrived at the camp there had been a problem, but that bedbug-sniffing dogs had been brought in and all the infested mattresses had been replaced.

“All we know is they told us that once they arrived, they had an issue the week before,” Tantillo said.

Word that the problem may not have been eliminated came from a parent who learned from a news report that another group of students, scheduled to stay at Camp Cody after the DMS trip, canceled their trip upon being told of the bedbug problem.

Some students have come forward with reports of bug bites, Tantillo said, but it hasn’t been determined how they got them. Not many parents have called the school about the issue, he added. No staff members who went on the trip have come forward.

“I wonder why they didn’t tell us,” Tantillo said. He said the department would have to consider whether it would return to Camp Cody. Tantillo suspected the camp was afraid the school would cancel the trip if they had been told in advance of the problem.

Phillip Ross, director of Camp Cody, said that after a dog found a potentially infested mattress, he informed Nature’s Classroom of the problem, with the expectation they would share that information with the school. Ross said the camp regularly checks beds and cabins for bed bugs.

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Mass Middle School Students On Camp Cody Bedbug Alert

20 Oct


Parents of 8th graders from Duxbury Middle School are being asked to check for bedbugs following reports of an infestation at the overnight camp in New Hampshire where students spent four days last week.

So far, one Duxbury student has reported “bedbug-like” bites, Superintendent Benedict Tantillo said Wednesday. But bedbugs haven’t been positively identified as the culprit in that case.

Bedbugs were found in three cabins at Camp Cody in Freedom, N.H.,

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