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Parents Claim Bedbugs In Kentucky High School

5 Nov

11/5/2011 Parents Claim Bedbugs In Kentucky High School: Iroquois School/Jefferson County School Officials Say No

Concerned parents of Iroquois High School students said bedbugs surfaced earlier this week in class.But Jefferson County Public Schools officials said it was never confirmed.Multiple parents turned to Facebook to voice their opinions about the bedbug situation. Some even contacted WLKY News directly.

According to a statement from JCPS, a teacher found something she thought was a bedbug Monday.The Iroquois students were moved and the room was inspected immediately. JCPS said nothing was found.”Initially what we ask the principal, the teacher to do is to get the live bedbug with a piece of tape,” said Chuck Fleischer with JCPS environmental safety.On Tuesday, a squashed bug was found in a different Iroquois classroom.Teachers couldn’t identify the bug, but to be safe, JCPS said a second check was done. Again, no problem was found.”Bedbugs do not want to be at school. They’re like our kids. They want to be at home in the bed,” said Fleischer.
The Jefferson County Health Department said that’s because bedbugs feed at night.Since April 2010, Fleischer said JCPS have had around two dozen cases where bed bugs were found at their schools.Of those cases, inspectors found additional bugs in the room in question only six times. In each of those times it was only one more bug.”We are finding them, but they’re very sporadic and usually a loner,” said Fleischer.No bedbugs were found at Iroquois High School this week.The parents who initially contacted WLKY News did not return phone calls Friday.Fleischer described how JCPS initially gets rid of the pests.”Mainly, we vacuum, and then we’ll use steam. Steam clean the carpet or upholstery, whatever the case may be,” said Fleischer.Fleischer said officials haven’t had to yet, but JCPS would treat the area more aggressively if it needs to.He said all the paranoia about these insects may be thanks to a classic saying many hear as a child.”Night night, don’t let the bed bugs bite,” said Fleischer.
The Jefferson County Health Department said bedbugs are typically site specific, and it’s very unlikely a student would carry them home.Both the Health Department and JCPS officials said bedbugs found in school typically come from a student’s home.The Health Department said the bugs aren’t likely to multiply very quickly at school.

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NASCAR Fans Race From Hotel BedBugs

7 Jul

7/7/2011 NASCAR Fans Race From Hotel Bedbugs: Louisville Kentucky LaQuinta Inn Infested

It has been a travel nightmare for an Alabama couple in town for this weekend’s NASCAR race. They told us they found bed bugs crawling around in their bed at their Louisville hotel. 

When we called the LaQuinta Inn and Suites on Alliant Avenue off Blankenbaker Parkway, the front desk confirmed bed bugs in one room. A corporate spokeswoman didn’t return our call and e-mail, but the guests in that room had plenty to say. 

James and Joanna Nicholas say they checked in at the LaQuinta Inn and Suites Tuesday night. Joanna woke up Wednesday morning with a blood thirsty biter on her arm. 

“On the top side of the bed you didn’t see anything, but when we took off all the sheets and pushed the mattress off that’s where we found them underneath the mattress,” James Nicholas said. 

James says right away he called the corporate office in Texas but was referred back to the front desk in Louisville. 

“It was back and forth arguing. We want to go to the different hotel. In the back of your mind, if the bugs are in one room, probably in others,” he said. 

In the end, they got their first night free, moved to another room and Thursday morning will check in to the LaQuinta by the airport. 

This hotel is not alone in Louisville. The Bedbug Registry lists 25 hotels in the metro with bed bugs.

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Bedbugs Creeping Into Ohio

15 Nov

11/15/10 Bedbugs Creeping Into Ohio: Cincinnati and Louisville Considered “Epicenters”

FINDLAY, OH (FINDLAY THE COURIER) – Bedbugs are no longer a problem somewhere else. The tiny, reddish-brown bugs, whose bites cause itching, are on the rise in Hancock and neighboring counties.

Bedbugs have been here for three or four years. But infestations have increased dramatically in recent months, said Corey Mauger, service technician for Mauger Exterminating Co.

“We have done three or four times as many cases just this season than in the last two combined,” Mauger said.

He estimated he has seen 50 to 60 cases since April. Mauger said the bugs are being brought here by people who travel frequently, college and foreign students, and migrant workers. The bugs “piggyback very well,” he said.

He said Cincinnati and Louisville, Ky., are an “epicenter” for bedbugs.

Once they get into a home, the insects are difficult to get rid of without help from an exterminator, Mauger said.

The easier course is to prevent them from getting in your home. Mauger’s recommendations for when you travel:

• Check out the hotel room before you bring in your belongings.

• First look at the headboard, a favorite bedbug spot, during the daylight hours. It typically can be lifted from the wall and the frame by two people. Place the headboard on the mattress, especially inspecting the back of the headboard for bugs or dark red fecal stains.

• With a flashlight, check out the folds, or seams, of the bed mattress. Look for the bugs themselves or dark red stains. Don’t just check the bed sheets; they get changed every day, he said.

• Other places to look include couches, dressers, nightstands and luggage areas.

• Even if you find no signs of bedbugs, Mauger recommends you not use the dressers. Instead, keep belongings in trash bags and seal them with twisty ties. Bedbugs cannot penetrate plastic, he said.

“The average person doesn’t have the trained eye to know what they are looking for,” he said. “Take precautions even if you don’t find any evidence of (bedbugs).”

• As soon as you return home from a trip, launder the clothing, and Mauger means immediately. Do not even leave clothes on the floor temporarily to do other things.

While the infestation risk is lower when you are not traveling, there are other things to avoid. Used mattresses, used furniture and used clothing can be carriers of bedbugs, Mauger said.

Bugs can even make it into your home via a visitor’s pocket, purse or other belongings.

“It’s just one of those things. You can’t absolutely protect yourself,” he said. “All you can do is act fast and get professional help.”

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