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Avoid Bringing Bedbugs Home From School

13 Sep



9/13/2011 Avoid Bringing Bedbugs Home From School: 5 Tips To Prevent InfestationBed Bugs are on the rise in schools in New York City and towns nationwide. The Bed Bug experts at Bell Environmental Services offer five practical and important tips for students, teachers, and staff to avoid bringing bed bugs home from schools.

Pens? Check. Notebooks? Check. Lunch? Check. Bed Bugs? – Wait a Minute!

While they’re not on any school’s list of items to bring to class, it is inevitable that some students, teachers, and staff will unwittingly carry bed bugs into schools. Others will unfortunately take these hitchhiking insects home in their backpacks. Some bed bugs will even decide to make classrooms their new homes. As the bed bug epidemic worsens, these insects have spread to elementary, middle and high schools in towns nationwide. In New York City, bed bug incidents in public schools rose to 3,590 last year, more than triple the 2009-2010 school year.

As parents prepare their kids for the new school year, giving students the knowledge of how to prevent bed bugs coming home from school is just as important as getting them the right supplies.

“Vigilance is the best, ongoing defense against bed bugs in schools and at home,” said Glenn Waldorf, of Bell Environmental Services, a leading pest control company and bed bug specialist. “Bed bugs are great hitchhikers that crawl into backpacks, bags, and jackets to get to and from school. Once present, a pair of bed bugs can multiply into a large infestation in a short period of time.”

The entomologists at Bell Environmental Services offer these five tips to help students and teachers avoid bringing bed bugs home:

    • At school, place backpacks and jackets inside large, resealable plastic bags, and don’t let them sit on the floor in a closet or in pile with other coats and bags.

    • Upon returning home from school, empty backpacks completely outside the home, if possible, and inspect bags and items inside for bed bugs.
    • At home, keep backpacks in plastic bags or closed storage bins. At minimum, do not leave backpacks in or near bedrooms.
    • If bed bugs have been found at their school, have children disrobe immediately upon coming home, and place clothing in sealed plastic bags. Place clothing in a dryer (medium-high heat for 20 minutes) and throw out the plastic bags. Bed bugs can’t survive high heat.
  • Engage the school administration. Ask them what precautionary and proactive measures they are taking to prevent the introduction and spread of bed bugs. Encourage them to educate students how to identify bed bug signs and use teaching tools such as “Roscoe and the Big Bed Bug Hunt,” a free coloring and activity book on bed bugs authored by Bell Environmental.

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Bed Bugs Reported At Field Trip Camp New Hampshire/Mass

23 Oct

10/13/10 Bed Bugs Reported At Field Trip Camp New Hampshire/Mass


Eighth graders at Duxbury Middle School may have brought home more than happy memories from an overnight field trip held last week in New Hampshire.

According to a phone message sent to parents Tuesday afternoon, bed bugs were found in cabins at Camp Cody in Freedom, N.H., where the entire eighth grade and teachers spent three nights as part of the Nature’s Classroom program.

On its website, the program is described as “a unique educational experience for students and their teachers, offering the very best in environmental education.”

According to Superintendent Benedict Tantillo, staff and campers were informed when they arrived at the camp there had been a problem, but that bedbug-sniffing dogs had been brought in and all the infested mattresses had been replaced.

“All we know is they told us that once they arrived, they had an issue the week before,” Tantillo said.

Word that the problem may not have been eliminated came from a parent who learned from a news report that another group of students, scheduled to stay at Camp Cody after the DMS trip, canceled their trip upon being told of the bedbug problem.

Some students have come forward with reports of bug bites, Tantillo said, but it hasn’t been determined how they got them. Not many parents have called the school about the issue, he added. No staff members who went on the trip have come forward.

“I wonder why they didn’t tell us,” Tantillo said. He said the department would have to consider whether it would return to Camp Cody. Tantillo suspected the camp was afraid the school would cancel the trip if they had been told in advance of the problem.

Phillip Ross, director of Camp Cody, said that after a dog found a potentially infested mattress, he informed Nature’s Classroom of the problem, with the expectation they would share that information with the school. Ross said the camp regularly checks beds and cabins for bed bugs.

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