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Nevada Senior Apartment Building Infested With Bedbugs

10 Nov

11/10/2011 Reno Nevada Senior Apartment Building Infested With Bedbugs: Orvis Ring Residents Say Management Is Doing Nothing

Residents of a senior apartment building in Reno say it’s been infested with bedbugs for weeks.

“The two apartments diagonally across from me have it,” Ted Burns said.

Click here to find out more!Ted Burns lives at the Orvis Ring Senior Apartments and showed KOLO the signs instructing people not to sit on the furniture. He and his fellow tenants said it’s because of parasitic bedbugs.

“I’ve seen people that’s been bitten by bedbugs and they’re bloody they just suck the blood out of you,” Orvis Ring resident Pat Mavity said.

Orvis Ring residents said they’ve been dealing with the infestation for a month or longer.

“They’ve been postponing this investigation, finding them, no movement,” Orvis Ring resident Don Moten said.

Office workers at Orvis Ring said they wouldn’t speak, referring KOLO to Rural Communities Housing Development in Ukiah, which declined to comment.

“Notify the landlord and notify them writing via a letter establish the paper trail in case the landlord isn’t going to cooperate,” a Washoe County Vector Control representative said.

While managed by an out-of-state company, Community Services Agency is the owner of Ovris Ring. The executive director said the bedbug problem will be dealt this weekend. He said the bedbugs were addressed as soon as Community Services Agency became aware of issue. Residents say they’ve been vocal about it for a while.

“They were gonna go with a different company and they say as of today nothing has been decided,” Burns said.

Residents acknowledge though before the bedbugs were so wide-spread, there was an attempt to fumigate an apartment that didn’t work. Now, Community Services Agency says pest control will go unit by unit to get rid of the insects.

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Bedbugs Cause Concern On Cape Cod

7 Nov

11/7/2011 Bedbugs Cause Concern On Cape Cod: Falmouth Housing Officials Take Measures After Bugs Found In Senior Housing

They hide during the day, only to emerge when you fall asleep, so they can suck your blood under the cover of darkness.

“There’s sort of a boogeyman effect to them, because they come and feed on you while you’re sleeping,” said Thomas Lacey, executive director of the Falmouth Housing Authority, about bedbugs, which were found at the Harborview Apartments on Scranton Avenue about three weeks ago.

The housing authority immediately took corrective measures after residents and building staff discovered the parasites in the laundry room and at least two units in the building that’s home to elderly and disabled residents, Lacey said.

Last week, one of the two units was successfully treated, and dogs trained to track bedbugs found none outside the other affected unit, which is also scheduled for treatment, he added.

As the resurgence of bedbugs continues to leave a trail of itchy bites

across the country, the scourge is beginning to affect public housing on Cape Cod.

While few infestations have been reported, officials across the region are preparing for what some see as inevitable: the need to rid their buildings of the bugs.

“It’s like a bad horror flick,” said Richard Pollack, a public health entomologist at Harvard University’s School of Public Health.

Some of the former remedies for bedbugs were nightmarish. The early 1950s, for instance, brought forth an era where strong insecticides, such as DDT, were widely sold at low prices and used in households on a regular basis, Pollack said.

“We know now that … wasn’t such a good idea,” Pollack said, referring to the practice’s tendency to leave lingering, dangerous chemicals for people to inhale.

In the past three years or so, the prevalence of these pests has grown from barely noticeable to full-blown, especially in multi-family homes and hotel rooms.

“It’s just everywhere; the Cape is no exception,” said Barbara Thurston, Bourne Housing Authority executive director.

Thurston experienced the problem firsthand in early spring when four units at the Continental Apartments, public housing for elderly residents in Buzzards Bay, became infested. The housing authority shelled out $250 per hour for a dog to find the bugs and then $1,000 per unit to eradicate them, Thurston said.

The pricey extermination method used at the Continental Apartments is a non-toxic one that heats affected rooms to about 140 degrees, said Sandy Rubenstein, who owns Pure Heat, a company that provides this service. The heat kills all bedbugs and eggs without using chemicals, Rubenstein said. Chemical treatments also remain a popular method for eradicating the bugs.

Bedbugs typically use humans as vehicles to travel, and they reproduce wherever they land, said Pollack. They can crawl into clothing or suitcases left unattended in an infested room and find a new home in a mattress, couch or other places where they might find something on which to feed. Their methods of spreading makes places like hotels and apartment buildings especially vulnerable to the species’ proliferation.

“We are preparing in case it does happen,” said Sandee Perry, executive director of the Barnstable Housing Authority.

“(Bedbugs) are around when you have a lot of people,” Perry said. “Unfortunately, it’s inevitable.”

Staying in front of the problem, Perry is in contact with other housing authority directors who have dealt with infestations and sends her employees to training sessions that teach them how to identify the pesky insects, find where the bugs came from, and educate residents on how to keep them from spreading.

While the small, flat, reddish-brown creatures are more prevalent than in past years, Pollack said hysteria over bedbugs has caused many people who seek out his pest-identifying business, IdentifyUs LLC, to show him samples of things like table lint, convinced they are bedbugs.

“It’s something (on which) we just need to educate ourselves to deal with in a rational way,” Pollack said. “In many cases, they’ve already spent $5,000 or more to treat their home” before discovering it isn’t infested.

Pollack also stressed that, contrary to some social stigmas that only dirty or dilapidated homes become infested, bedbugs don’t discriminate between victims.

“Bedbugs don’t care how thick your wallet is … how clean your house is, or how much you shower,” he said.

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Indiana Assisted Living Facility Crawling With Bedbugs

14 Oct

10/14/2011 Indiana Assisted Living Facility Crawling With Bedbugs: Bennett House In New Albany Taking Steps To Prevent Spreading

A southern Indiana assisted living facility is trying to put the brakes on a bed bug issue.Bennett House, in New Albany, is taking measures to stop the bugs from spreading.

A corporate spokeswoman from Wisconsin confirmed there is a bed bug issue at Bennett House on Wednesday. However, she said it has been confined to one apartment.But she said administrators are trying to prevent the spread of the bugs to the whole complex.Workers were seen Wednesday taking in a new box spring for a bed at Bennett House. A short time later, an exterminator brought out a chemical canister from the facility.”There is a resident that has picked up the bed bugs from a hospital or a skilled nursing stay,” said Laurie Bebo, with Assisted Living Concepts, the company that owns Bennett House.Bebo said to her knowledge, the bed bugs have been confined to one apartment.”We will proactively treat the whole house. You don’t want it to show up somewhere else,” said Bebo.On Wednesday, workers also brought in new carpeting for Bennett House.They said they replaced old carpeting in some rooms and were told about the bed bug issue, but said the carpeting change is unrelated.Bed bugs attack humans and other mammals on their skin, sucking blood from them. The bites can cause rashes and other irritations.It is also very difficult to get rid of them.

However, Bebo is confident exterminators will get the job done.”They’re obviously the professional experts and they’re helping to provide the remediation that’s needed,” said Bebo.WLKY did speak to some relatives of residents who declined to go on camera. They expressed concern about the bed bug issue, but believe it’s being addressed.WLKY was told there will be no need to shut down the facility for the extermination efforts.
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Bedbugs Invade Cleveland Nursing Home

14 Sep

9/14/2011 Bedbugs Invade Cleveland Nursing Home: ManorCare Nursing & Rehab In Euclid Beach Fighting Off Critters

Experts called bed bugs an epidemic in Northeast Ohio, and one place that was affected was a local assisted living facility on Cleveland’s east side.

“They told me they were looking for bed bugs,” said tenant Edward Jones.

Jones lives in the ManorCare Nursing and Rehab, Euclid Beach facility along with 140 other people. Staff members changing sheets first noticed the tiny blood suckers a few weeks ago and called in a dog trained to sniff them out.

“He looked around in my room and took off,” said Jones.

Five rooms had the bugs and were treated, but that didn’t get rid of them.

“It’s a really hard thing to get out of the way,” said Alonzo Winston, whose wife lives inside. “You’ve got people coming in here all of the time. If you had one group of people that stayed here for the year, you probably wouldn’t have bed bugs.”

Exterminators didn’t find any bugs in his wife’s room. But on their second sweep through the building two weeks ago, they found bugs in three additional rooms and had to treat them too.

On a third visit from the exterminator last week, the building was clean.

“There’s only so much you can do,” said Winston. “That’s all I can say. I think they’re doing the best they can.”

In a statement, ManorCare executives said they “followed the company’s infection control plan that includes precautionary measures with follow up inspections and ongoing employee education.”

ManorCare workers told NewsChannel5 no one was bitten but they plan to evaluate a routine bed bug check in the future.

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Bedbugs Have Effect On Election

29 Oct

10/29/10 Bedbugs Have Effect On Election

YONKERS NY — Hallows residents itching to use the county’s new voting machines will have to do so at a last-minute polling site due to a bedbug problem.

Bedbugs have infested an apartment at 406 Walnut St., known as Kubasek Trinity Manor or The Hallows Apartments. The infestation has caused the management there to close the building’s community room until further notice. The room had been where voting for the general election was to occur on Tuesday.

Board of Elections Democratic Commissioner Reginald LaFayette told The Journal News on Wednesday that a Yonkers polling site would be moved because of a bedbug issue, but he declined to identify the site.

The Yonkers City Clerk’s Office said that the new voting site will be a block away at 450 Walnut St., also known as Trinity Senior Apartments.

LaFayette could not be reached this afternoon to confirm the details.

Kubasek Trinity Manor had a flyer posted in its lobby this morning explaining the bedbug discovery and assuring residents that the management’s professional exterminator has a treatment plan in place.

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